The pitch

Your first deliverable will be a “pitch.” This should include the following elements:

Word length requirements

If you are working in a group, you need to produce fewer written words, because I assume you will be doing work in other ways. For example, you will also be helping your peers with editing. So, the word length requirements are different based on the size of the group:

Groups of one or two people can substitute up to 500 words for data visualizations. Groups of three or more can substitute up to 1000 words for data visualizations.

Use your judgement about substitutions. If it is a very simple visualization that supports a written piece (like a barchart), maybe that only “counts” for 100 words. If it’s a data visualization that forms the bulk of the storytelling, it could substitute for 500 words.


These word counts and substitutions are rules of thumb. Please talk to me if you have a different concept. Maybe you want to do a timeline as your entire piece, we can talk about the requirements there.