In the spirit (and the dataset) of your one-number story, I’d like you to make a simple data visualization. Ideally, it would serve to illustrate the story you wrote last week, but if you can’t find anything in your story that seems applicable, feel free to branch out.

Using Tableau, create a visualization of one variable (or at most, two variables). This could be a bar chart, histogram, map, or other simple visualization. You get to choose how to map your variable to a visual attribute– color, scale, size, etc.

Your visualization should be a finished piece. This means it needs a title (analogous to a headline), axis labels, annotation (if relevant) and probably some descriptive text, either as a caption or a short related “story.” This should be no more than 250 words at the maximum. Your visualization should speak for itself.

Your visualization does not need to represent all the cases/observations in the dataset if that is not relevant to your story. It’s okay to show the top (or bottom) ten items.

There are two ways to submit your work: