Our first writing assignment will be very structured, because we’ll be writing new Wikipedia articles for people who don’t already have them. My goals for this assignment are that you will learn:

Wikipedia has good guidlines for people writing their first article. I would encourage you to read them. Since I have given you a list of ideas of people to write about I think it’s pretty unlikely you will run into a conflict of interest, but if you choose someone yourself please make sure it is not a friend, family member, etc.

In order to get credit for this assignment, you need to:

I’ll be honest and say that it’s pretty unlikely everyone’s article will actually be accepted by Wikipedia, so that’s not a criterion for grading. Instead, I want to see that you have done it. Because I’m not a Wikipedia expert, I want to see two things:

Peer editing

I will assign you another student’s Wikipedia page to edit. Your job is to read through the assignment three times, doing at least three “Publish changes” with Edit summaries:

The deliverable for this assignment will be a short document where you summarize the changes you made. You can write this in Word, and it should be uploaded to Moodle.