Ideally, all group members would be equally involved and able and committed to the project. In reality, it doesn’t always work that way. We’d like to reward people fairly for their efforts in this group endeavor, because it’s inevitable that there will be variation in how high a priority people put on this class and how much effort they put into this project.

To this end, we’d like each of you (individually) to describe how well (or how poorly!) your project group worked together and shared the load. Also give some specific comments describing each member’s overall effort. Were there certain group members who really put out exceptional effort and deserve special recognition? Conversely, were there group members who really weren’t carrying their own weight? And then, at the end of your assessment, estimate the percentage of the total amount of work/effort done by each member. (Be sure your percentages sum to 100%!)

For example, suppose you have 3 group members: X, Y and Z. In the (unlikely) event that each member contributed equally, you could assign:

  • 33.3% for member X, 33.3% for member Y, and 33.3% for member Z

Or in case person Z did twice as much work as each other member, you could assign:

  • 25% for member X, 25% for member Y, and 50% for member Z

Or if member Y didn’t really do squat, you could assign:

  • 45% for member X, 10% for member Y, and 45% for member Z

We’ll find a fair way to synthesize the (possibly conflicting) assessments within each group. And eventually we’ll find a way to fairly incorporate this assessment of effort and cooperation in each individual’s overall grade. Don’t pressure one another to give everyone glowing reports unless it’s warranted, and don’t feel pressured to share your reports with one another. Just be fair to yourselves and to one another. Let us know if you have any questions or if you run into any problems.